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Today, I got a notice from Instagram that one of my posts had been deleted. See my Instagram page here. Instagram, being the robots that they are, do not tell you why your post got deleted, just that it might have violated the community guidelines. I took a look at those guidelines today and, for the life of me, can't figure out how a picture of my doll (or any doll for that matter) could violate community guidelines. The pictures in question are below.

Now, I know BDSM can't be controversial to some people, but Instagram is filled with it, tons of people chained up, tied up, in cages, etc. This is a picture of a doll with a leash and collar. She doesn't look distressed in anyway, AND she's fully clothed. Why Instagram? Why?

Kitty chained kitty grooming

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  1. In these two photos, she is looking a little under-aged, possibly the oversize fuzzy mittens are to blame for this. For bondage photos you can try setting her up with more adult clothes and pose. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your photographs! I will be sharing real body photos of my doll soon after she arrives in October.
    • melliemel
      I suppose that's a possibility why someone might report it, but there are much younger looking dolls posted on IG that are often barely clothed, if at all. There are also a lot of humans who dress like children, even babies, who do bondage on IG. I wonder if IG really has a human review posts that get reported or if it's all automated.

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