Real Talk About Real Dolls

feet and legs with panties around anklesTime for some real talk. There seems to be quite a stigma surrounding life-size dolls, love dolls, sex dolls or whatever you want to call them. Although they are gradually become more accepted in mainstream, there is still a lot of room to grow (no pun intended). I thought I would offer my perspective.

There are three things you should consider about these dolls:

1. If you're a collector of any type of doll, figurine, action figure, stuffed animal, etc. or even someone who appreciates the hobby, you should also appreciate that these dolls are fully poseable, detailed, dressable and great for photography, as I've tried to highlight. The fact that they can be used for sexual pleasure doesn't mean that's all they're good for. After all, there are people who get sexual pleasure from tiny figurines too. That doesn't mean their only function is sex.

2. There has been some early research into the therapeutic nature of such dolls. Just as some people gain comfort from having a Reborn baby doll, some people likewise get comfort from the companionship of an adult doll. Again, this isn't necessarily an erotic type of comfort. Just as you might like to snuggle up with a teddy bear or body pillow, some like a soft, cuddly, adult doll.

3. Let's talk about sex. If you're underage or squeamish when it comes to sex, stop reading here. All adults engage in sexual activity, and that includes self stimulation. Although even masturbation has long carried a stigma, it is now widely accepted and known to have health benefits. Pretty much everyone does it, and if you don't do it, I feel very sorry for you. How someone does it, as long as they're not hurting someone (or doing it in public while staring at people) is really part of the fun. Most people have tried various sex toys, such as dildos or sleeves. How can you hate on someone who takes it to the next level with a fully-functional sex toy? Don't get mad at them for doing it better than you. 😄

I hope that provides some insight and helps remove some of the stigma you may or may not have held in your mind. I think maybe it's even time to stop calling them sex dolls, since that's not their only function. Perhaps Multi-purpose doll is more appropriate, but that sounds bad. I know! Metadoll! Yep, from now on, I'll use that term. I invented it, so you better credit me! 😝

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  1. Aaron
    Nice pics of her. Hope one day I can find o e like her
  2. melliemel
    You can, and I hope you do!

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